November 4

My Favorite Places In My Country/State

My favorite places in my country/state are Kings island, The beach water park, Big Bone Lick Park, and Cedar point. These are my four favorite out of  the 10 that I have been to. I put them in the order I like them most do first up is Kings  island. Kings island is my favorite because of all the rides and places you can go to. My favorite rides are Diamond back, Banshee, The Beast, Fire hawk, The Racer, The bat, and Flying chase aerial ace. My favorite place to be is soak city. My favorite thing i  soak city is the wave pool because every 5 minutes they turn on the waves for 5 to 10 minutes and the waves get bigger and bigger each time. When the waves come at you the push you back softly but pretty far from where you started… well at least the is what happens to me. Every time you get pushed by the waves and you try to stay in the same spot while the waves are pushing you you are most likely going to fall down on your butt unless yu have the strength of a shark. The is what I like about kings island.

My second favorite place to go is The beach water park and it is located right across from kings island. The  beach water park is full of slides and kiddie water parks. I have 2 places that I personally like to be at The beach. My 2 favorite places are every single slide, and the wavy pool. The scariest slide and it is also my favorite is the red one located on far left side of the park. The red slide is the scariest because when you are going down the slide in the middle when you are going down since it is so steep and nothing covers you on the top so then we you fly up in the air for like half a second but it is still scary enough to make you never want to get back onto the red slide. Well  at least that is what happened to me at first but now I will get onto the red slide every day if I could. The wavy pool is also my favorite part to be in because when you try to get onto the tube and right when you try to get onto the tube the water is so strong that kind of drifts you from where you wanted to get onto the tube from. These are my favorite things to do at The beach water park.

My third favorite place to be at is Big bone lick park. Big bone lick park have many activities that you can do with family and or friends. The different activities that you can do is to play golf, go swimming, and go hiking. My 2 favorite things to do at Big bone lick park is to go swimming, and play golf. When I go swimming at the park I do swimming challenges with my brother like who can breathe the longest under water, and what can swim the farthest in under 30 seconds. Another thing that I like to do while swimming is to swim like a mermaid for some reason please do not ask why I am just weird but any hew when I go swimming like a mermaid I keep my legs together, put my right hand on top of my left hand and I direct my legs with my hands going up and down like in shows on Netflix like h2o and stuff like that. These are my favorite places to be in at Big bone lick park.

My last favorite place to be at is ceder point. cedar point is my 4th favorite because they don’t really have much for kids to do but I still like it there. My favorite rides are Top drill dragster, millennium, maverick, raptor, and magnum XL-200. I really only went to cedar point once and that was like 2 years ago so I really don’t remember much. This is all I remember about cedar point.


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  1. Miss W.

    G’day Lianaliz,
    Great post with lots of writing and written in paragraphs for easy reading. One thing that would improve it is to have an image for each between the paragraphs and also to have some links to other websites so I can click on them and go to see what other people have written about your favourite places.


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